I’m a Game Designer and Writer with a real passion for interesting and imaginative projects. As both a Creative and a Project Manager, I’m a problem solver and always looking out for the chance to develop games and projects I’m proud of and excited about.

Sad Jester Games

With more than 15 years of freelance experience as Writer, Game Designer, Creative Director and Project Manager, it’s time to explore the depths of indie gaming, the secret passion I’ve always treasured.


In the past 15 years I’ve worked on 100+ Multimedia Projects, Apps and Videogames for important brands such as Warner, Disney, StarWars, Bonelli, Colgate, Marvel, Kinder/Ferrero, Winx, Barbie, Ducati, Ferrari, CocaCola and many others.

Games & Projects

I have worked on many kinds of games and genres and I’m always looking for new challenges to expand my gaming knowledge and try out new gameplay experiences. Whether you are looking for a story, an idea or simply some creative guidance, please feel free to get in touch.

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